Will it be possible to get a cert for Windows with Apache2 running?

Hi Will it be posibble to get a cert for Windows with Apache2 running?

@JonathanNet, right now, as far as I know, there are no tools that work with Apache except on Unix systems, and no tools that work with Windows except with IIS.

One possibility for the time being would be to create a Linux VM somewhere and use the manual mode in the Let’s Encrypt client in that VM. The Let’s Encrypt client manual mode will interact with the CA and instruct you on changes to make on your own server (which does not have to be the same machine or IP address).

it would be nice to make at least a manual mode client for Windows.

@My1, we hope to have clients to support all use cases with all server software on all platforms. But we’re relying on outside contributors for Windows support right now, and IIS integration is all that’s been developed. (I believe it might be possible to use the existing PowerShell client without IIS and then reference the resulting certificate in an Apache configuration on Windows – it just doesn’t have Apache integration to update the configuration for you, as the Unix client would.)

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Yeah I also hope it will get supported to Windows with Apache running :slight_smile: fingers cross :stuck_out_tongue:

the best way to start would be with the manual mode and focus on the server software later.

that way we at the very least have a client we can use.

Is there any update on this? Is it possible yet?

You should be able to use pypi: pip install letsencrypt, no matter the platform, however, haven’t tested.

Installs without problems, however, when you execute the letsencrypt.exe file to generate the certs, there are errors, I fixed the first, but more pop up.

Issue created: https://github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt/issues/2046

Current problem is there is no “dialog” in windows cli, or better way to put it, you cant make cool looking dialog boxes like in unix-os’s, therefore solution would be to again, check if win32, and instead creating a dialog, just use simple print/raw_input to interact with the program.

I probably can fix this issue, if someone else doesn’t before me.

If someone could test it and fix what left to be fixed, that would be awesome! All I’m looking to do is create certificates, I can install them in Apache… A step by step to create certs in windows for apache would be nice…

I just found this post today which really helped me renew my let’s encrypt certificate. Please check this out: How to Setup “Let’s Encrypt” for Apache on Windows