Let's encrypt on windows XAMPP?


How do i make a certificate for xampp and be able to use it? on windows?


hey The-creeper-cow

unfortunately most of the clients for windows are designed to work with iis

i have written an article on how to create a certificate using windows


Instead of creating the PFX you will need to configure apache

Sample configurations can be found at mozillas website:



You can also check out the ACMESharp project. It’s a PowerShell module which you can get up and running quickly from the PS Gallery.

If you follow the Quick-Start there are procedures for manually handling the Let’s Encrypt DNS ownership challenges with any web server that should work just fine for Apache on Windows.

Once you have successfully requested and retrieved a certificate, you export it out in PEM, DER or PFX formats which should be compatible with just about any server. I believe Apache uses PEM files exclusively, even on Windows.


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