Another request for help using Windows OS for installation of Let's Encrypt client

I’ve just found this new topic Windows Operation

The author describes using a non conventional server setup so it wasn’t of much help.

I’m still trying to “talk” to the Apache server with my approved domains but have run into the exact same issues as the topic above.

Another community member was kind enough to offer help, including the use of Python but it only resulted in “Invalid syntax” responses.

He believes that the OS might be misconfigured.

If so, how would this be checked out?

My OS is Win 8.1.

If I could get the certificates and keys then they could be manually entered into the SSL Dashboard of my Plesk account.

I woulod like to figure this out as I’m planning on upgrading to Win 10 so anything done to the current OS would be lost unless it were possible to export or save the actual Let’s Encrypt settings.

This previous post has the code that resulted from attmpting an install using the Let’s Encrupt client using Git for Windows: How to access the Apache server

The code is towards the bottom of the page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider that I’m a complete newb in regards to Python, Git and Linux.

It was my goal to figure this system out for my current PC OS and the eventual install of Win10, but it’s not as simple as first imagined.

Thank you.