Deploy HTTPS for our domain

I want to deploy HTTPS for one of our domain. Domain is hosted in WAMP based windows 2012 r2 server.
Please suggest how to configure in server and let me know the process.

Hi @sivaram,

You will need a client application to request (and potentially install) the certificate. A list of clients is available at

As discussed at

many of the Windows clients are oriented toward installing a certificate in IIS, not Apache. One option mentioned there is to use a web-based client (which guides you through the process inside your own web browser, and then gives you PEM files at the end which you can install in your Apache server by editing your virtual host configuration files). Another option mentioned in that thread is running under Cygwin.

One thing to keep in mind is that Let's Encrypt certificates will expire after 90 days and you'll need to get an updated certificate before then. With any technique that you choose to use, you should consider whether you can automate it somehow so that new certificates are obtained and installed automatically, or whether you'll be willing to perform the same steps yourself every few months.

Edit: if you search this forum, I think you can find a few other threads where people discussed their experiences with Apache on Windows.

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