First Time SSL on Windows


I have always used Windows (WAMP) configuration using standard http for many years
(13) on my home servers but I am now looking at adding an SSL cert for the first time.

So I am looking for some advice from those in the know which will be the right route to take.
So, I am looking to have an automated setup for the renewing of the SSL cert (ie I do not want to do a renewal manually every 3 months) and deploying into the correct places etc.

I does not matter if I will use Apache or IIS as the server (with php/MySQL) on Win Server 2016 OS but having looked it seems that you can not fully automate the process.

Is there a way to fully automate with IIS or Apache and what client would be best for the ACME bit

Well, there are quite a few Windows clients - you could give ZeroSSL Windows a go (single exe file, no dependencies) or pick something off the list here.

If you already tried some and had issues (based on your comment “having looked it seems that you can not fully automate the process”), then if you elaborate on what you tried and what the problem was, perhaps it would be possible to suggest a client best tailored to your specific case.

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