How to see what client I installed?


I don’t have certbot installed, so I must have used something else to setup my server. What is the best way to go about discovering what I used many months ago? I am trying to manually renew my cert.


If /etc/letsencrypt/ is present on your server (as in your other thread), then you definitely have, or had Certbot in the past.

find / -type f -name certbot-auto
find / -type f -name certbot


I guess here is what I am running into (questioning if certbot is running)

[letsencrypt]# certbot-auto renew --dry-run
bash: certbot-auto: command not found


certbot-auto is normally never in your PATH, so you have to cd into the appropriate directory and then run ./certbot-auto so that your shell knows where to find the certbot-auto program.


Is there anything trying to renew the cert(s) in the crontab?


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