How to renew an expired account

Pardon my ignorance, I don’t remember signing up for this and don’t know how or if I need to renew.

Are you the customer of a web hosting company?

If you received email from Let’s Encrypt about renewing it should give a list of domains like which it says are expiring. If you recognise those as domains you own, or control, yes you may need to take action, but probably your hosting company are the first people to talk to.

If you don’t recognise the domain names, and particularly if you don’t own or control any domains, you don’t need to do anything, the email was either delivered to you in error because of a mistake by a hosting company, or somebody can’t spell their own email address and has typed yours instead.

Yes. The domain names are mine. I just don't recall enrolling services from if I need to renew, I am happy to. Just not clear on what, why or how.

That's actually quite encouraging! It means your hosting service has secured your domains without you needing to jump through hoops.

Chances are your hosting service will renew the domains for you, and you won't need to do anything at all. But you might want to send them an email to make sure.

Let's Encrypt's key goal is to secure the web without requiring you to know the details of web server configuration files. They provide internationally recognised security certificates and a means for hosting companies to easily install them. However they expire every 90 days (to promote automation of renewal and reduce the chances certificates will be compromised).

Even if your hosting service does the renewal for you, you'll keep getting those emails unless you unsubscribe!