How to remove Self-Signed SSL

I am using cyberpanel and created 2,3 sites other sites got letsencrypt ssl but 1 site got self-signed ssl. DNS is ok.

Any way to remove this self-signed and then I have to add this

Hi @bilalhus


always the wrong question.

Never remove a certificate that is used.

If you have created a new certificate, install it. Then the old certificate isn't longer used, that's save.

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How to do this in cyberpanel

Even I deleted the website from cyber panel. Then added again and didn't issued ssl its showing self signed ssl.

also when i issued new ssl but it is not over writing showing the same self signed ssl

Ask your hoster.

I have no idea how that tool works.

That's always wrong. May be you have hitted the rate limit.

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so after how many days I have to issue again. Yes i clicked on issue SSL several times

Please read a lot of basics before wasting resources:

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so i have to wait: 1 week But I done this maximum 15 Times and not 50

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week)

There is also a Duplicate Certificates rate limit, which applies when you issue duplicate certificates. That rate limit is much smaller than the Certificates Per Registered Domain limit.

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