How to install CertBot?


  1. On this page (Get Help | Certbot) the blue link 'documentation' is not working (tried with Opera and Firefox).

  2. This page (Certbot Instructions | Certbot) mentions a dropdown menus, but a dropdown menu is nowhere to be found?

'After you confirm the software and system information, you can use the dropdown menus above to generate specific instructions'

I am looking for the instructions to install Certbot

Something strange seems to be going on for that first link. I think there's some weirdness with overlapping elements. I'm definitely not enough of a web developer to sort it out, but the link goes to Welcome to the Certbot documentation! — Certbot 1.29.0 documentation

I see the dropdowns on the second page, in the red circles.


Ah okay those. I have selected something, now how can I proceed?

The instructions should be below, just start reading the page below it (the top of the nginx on debian 10 instructions are displayed in the screenshot I posted)


Yes I see the notices about what is needed. But how can I proceed from there?

Scroll down on the page to see stuff like this:

...and more instructions the further down you go.


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