How to install certbot without init domain

i need install certbot. Please help.

I used to:

./certbot-auto -n --install-only # this is now deprached, i canot use this

I need use LIKE this:

./certbot -n --install-only # this is not working for failing, bud not contains domain foun on vhost, , i canot use this

I must use:

certbot --apache --non-interactive --agree-tos --domains --email # working but i canot use this

But i must write exist domain.
I need install without init domain (install-only).

How to install certbot without domain?

I do not want to install certbot via snap.
I want use CentOS 7 only.

Thanks you very much.

Depending on the O/S, you would install certbot like you install most other programs:
Something more like this (if you use APT):
apt-get install certbot

When you call certbot (it must have already been installed); and will try to obtain a cert for you.

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Thanks you.

I fix it with this:

./certbot-auto -n --install-only

replace for this:

yum install yum-utils epel-release certbot

And working fine.


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