Generated certificate using certonly parameter

I have generated a lets encrypt certificate using the the following command:
sudo certbot --manual -d --preferred-challenges dns certonly

I have then researched and read that certonly parameter does not attempt to install the certificate on your web server it just generates it.

So now I'm looking for a guide on how to install the generated certificate on my apache2 server.

Appreciate the help!

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If you already have a VirtualHost configured in Apache for, you can ask Certbot to install it:

certbot install --cert-name

Be aware also that certificates created via --manual (without --manual-auth-hook) will not automatically renew. You will have to repeat all the same steps 60-90 days from now, to avoid your certificate expiring.

If you can use a non-manual method to getting the certificate (like --apache or a DNS plugin), that would be vastly superior.


Hi _az,

Thanks for your suggestion and reply, really appreciate it.

Where can I find the certificate name for the --cert-name parameter?

sorry for my cluelessness but I'm new to web servers / certificate stuff.

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Installed the certificate by running the same command without the certonly option.


Cool! For completeness' sake, the certificate names are listed if you run certbot certificates.


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