How to implement Lets Encrypt using on hostmonster shared env with dedicated IP

I’m writing from what I understand, please correct me if I’m wrong.

You will need to get a dedicated ip from hostmmonster, and enable and setup SSH to get started.

1.Help File Follow thse steps of Generate a Private Key and then Create the Certificate Signing Request steps 1 thru 4, by step 2 Enter the domain and the required information into the form. make sure you enter your domains one per line EX: ENTER
2. Go To gethttpsforfree Client follow step by step if you’re not clear you can peak at how do I generate this? And paste those commands in SSH

  1. step 2 you paste in the CSR from hotmonster

  2. Step 3 paste in each command Into SSH client then click enter it will generate a key paste that key into the blank line write below the command.

  3. step 4 Verify Ownership you’l need to create a folder named .well-known In that folder create another folder named acme-challenge in that folder create a file named what ever name it tells you with the content it gives you and Make sure you copy the entire name and content before you paste it, there’s more characters then the lentgh of the input box!!

  4. Step 5 you’l see 2 cert’s one signed cert and a intermediate cert, copy the first one and go back to hostmonster and continue step 7 of Create the Certificate Signing Request paste in the crt Wait don’t upload yet copy the intermediate cert and paste it in hostmonster continue where you left off it should be in the following format
    ------------Begin Cert------------
    ------------End Cert--------------
    ------------Begin Cert------------
    ------------End Cert---------------
    then upload.

then Step 9 contact support and have them install it for you.