CentOS 6 / Enterprise Linux 7 (Shared Host with SSH access, no root access)

How would I go about getting this SSL certificate for my domain name.“unholygames.com”, I have ssh access but I don’t have root access, its a shared hosting plan so I can’t find “/etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf” This is pretty complex and I’m sorry to have to bother you guys I’m pretty noob @ this.


Do you have a control panel of the sorts?

try out this script, it should work without root rights :slight_smile:

The challenge is not creating the cert - there are lots of ways of doing that. The challenge is installing that cert in the server - hence the questions about a control panel.

Hi RusselReal

Does your hosting provider have a CPanel or Plesk interface for managing the website?

If so you should be able to configure SSL Settings there.

Yes my hosting provides me with cPanel, however, they only want to sell me their SSL certificate for like $150 a year when, letsencrypt.org would allow me to do the testing that I need, for an affordable $0 lease for 90 days. I just self-signed my local server (localhost) and did all of my testing there. (Amazon is a pain!)

Thank you all for the assistance but I even tried using .htaccess to install the server.key and intermediate.pem, but still to no avail. I don’t have httpd.conf access – so to get them to add the certificate for me would be a “one time fee” of $10, however, I didn’t have the $20 at the moment. So I resorted to self-signing!

Again, thank you everybody for the input – eHost is a web hosting company which should be avoided.

  • Russell

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