How to get SSL or whatever for my Google Blog

I’m using Blogger.

Barb Hofmeister

According to what I have seen Blogger manage my website. Godaddy is the domain host and google has my registration. I checked the DNS and it says I am the owner of “Café’ Hoffy. I’m not sure what you mean by a certificate. Do you mean an SSL? I didn’t say I had a redirect to an email address. How do I find where I get the redirect?

Barb Hofmeister

Once again, I’m a writer not a techie. This whole thing is very complicated. Or, I’m just not understanding. Is there anyone out there that can figure this out???? I sure can’t. I’m beginning to think it’s a lost cause.

Barb Hofmeister

The WHOIS system is a way of looking up registration information for a domain name. Every registrar maintains a WHOIS system. I can tell you definitively that GoDaddy is your domain registrar per the screenshot below taken from GoDaddy's own WHOIS page. However, Google Workspace is listed as the reseller. Hence, you probably registered the domain with GoDaddy THROUGH Google Workspace.

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Additionally, as a GoDaddy user myself (and someone who is involved with almost every GoDaddy-related topic in this community), I can tell you for certain from using dig that the domaincontrol nameservers that answer for your domain name belong to GoDaddy.

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I just spoke to godaddy. They are a reseller for Google. Google hosts my domain. Now is need to figure out how to get in touch with google. It’s like going in a circle over and over again.


Hi @hoffy6675 ...
Don't give up!

Dealing with google can be a pain in many instances. is owned and operated by google

The help center link at the bottom of this page:

will take you to goggle's "Blogger Help Page"
I suggest you log in to your account and post your questions and images there.
I searched :
And the information presented would probably solve your issue.

I wise man in Portland ones told me:

There will be somebody there to help you!

Hope this helps!


I know they are. But it appears to be the registration that is the issue, maybe….

Perhaps this:

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