How to deal with expired certs

Hey Let’s Encrypt Community.

I started with letsencrypt in earlybeta just for my private domain.
At some Point in the past months i haden’t time and mood for my private Server so the certs are expired now.
I’ve read through the docs bt didn’t find anything how to deal with that know.
Should i issue new certs now with certbot?
Do i have to revoke the old ones?
Is my mail somewhere stored with my domain? i remeber that i used --agree-dev-preview --server auth in the past. i don’t find anything like that in the certbot-auto line.

i also have issued only a few hostnames in the past not all and think a restart is the best behavier.

OS: debian wheezy apache2.2

Thanks for any suggestion.

Yes, the easiest way is to install the latest version of certbot and issue new certificates.

No, they have expires anyway, just issue new certificates.

Your e-mail address should be stored in your account on the Let’s Encrypt CA servers, and you should have account credentials – as a result of agreeing to the ToS before – in /etc/letsencrypt/accounts. Certbot will use these credentials automatically for renewal when you run certbot-auto renew or certbot renew (depending on how you got your copy of Certbot).

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