How to completely remove LE from system

I’ve no intention to do so… but by way of assurance, how could I completely remove LE from my system and revert back to http only?



1 - remove the script directory ( I’m assuming you are using the official client, but if not please say which client you are using )

2 - modify your config ( how depends if you are using apache or nginx - either is relatively straightforward )

Note: if you think you might possibly want to do that, make sure you haven’t set things like Strict-Transport-Security ( which tells browsers to always use https for your domain in the future ) otherwise you won’t be able to revert.

Just to add a couple of things to that:

The usual reason people want to “completely remove” letsencrypt is because they’ve run into the rate limit and they think this will reset it. It won’t.

If you’re still at the trying-things-out stage, use the staging server until you’re happy, that way you won’t hit the rate limit in the first place.

Also, don’t delete the /etc/letsencrypt directory without backing it up first.

No I don’t have any ‘rate-limit’ issues, it works perfectly!
But, I wanted to try another option, and see which is the better option for me.

It would be a nice move if LE backed up the original apache config files in ‘sites available’ before editing them, so a restore could easily be made if needed.


There is actually a revert command that does this, but it doesn't seem to be very widely known or used!

Thanks @schoen How is the revert command run, is it documented anywhere.

Sorry, I think it’s actually called rollback and I don’t think we’ve finished writing the documentation for it (which might explain why so few people seem to know about it!).

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