How to uninstall Let's Encrypt completely from Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache?

I want to be prepare to revert the changes if something isn’t working correctly with Let’s Encrypt after the installation for a WordPress site, as such I would like to know the steps to remove Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04 running the latest version of Apache so the website can successfully go back to http and then try again.

If on a virtualized system, a “snapshot” would do the trick.
Otherwise, my recommendations:
Backup all your “at-risk” folders.
Don’t make any unnecessary changes (like: forced http to https redirection)

A lot depends on how you’re going about getting the certificate. If you’re using Certbot with the Apache method, then Certbot will change your configuration files. If you use certonly mode with webroot, you’d need to modify your configuration manually. Wordpress will need to be configured independently to generate HTTPS links no matter the method as configuring the web server won’t change Wordpress’ link generation.

The easiest thing to do, and the least trouble is to backup your webserver configuration. That’s usually located in /etc/httpd or /etc/apache2. Just backup all the files in the correct directory. You can restore the files if you need to revert.

While it’s no replacement for a proper backup, certbot does save a copy of your configuration every time it changes it.

You can go back to before the last change it made with certbot --apache rollback or go back N changes with certbot --apache rollback --checkpoints N

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Is there a command to view the new number of checkpoints before using --checkpoints N?

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