How to cancel / delete the certificate? =)

Hello! I ordered a certificate through hosting for the website

And something went wrong, it turned out "Error, duplicate order".

The support team advised contacting Let's Encrypt to remove / revoke the certificate. Please tell me how to do this?

My domain is:
My hosting provider is:

I'm using a control panel to manage my site: Custom, can't manage files from it

Last support message:

It is allocated by lets encrypt SSL, only their support guys can remove an entry so we can allocate one from here.


that's a problem of your local ACME-client.

It's not a problem of Letsencrypt.

Your client is buggy.

If they want to revoke the certificate, they can do it. But that's not the problem if there is a "duplicate order".

Duplicate order - unknown, if there is a certificate created.

PS: There

is no new certificate, last is from 2020-11-25.


@JuergenAuer Thank you very much for your attention to the problem!


This does not speak well of their competence--you may want to consider moving to a hosting service whose support team aren't a bunch of blithering idiots.


@danb35 Usually it works =) There were some peculiarities of obtaining a certificate. I had to upgrade my plan to order another free certificate. By the way, such an opportunity did not appear immediately either, I also had to contact the support service.

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Oops! They got you! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@JimPas Still would! But if I paid for the service, I want to see the effect, right? It's nice to have Let's Encrypt. It's bad that there are mistakes. I'd like to get SSL up and running somehow, so far the situation is not very encouraging. :sweat_smile:

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I checked out their prices for certificates. They want to buy a static IP address for a single certificate, a static IP address for multiple domain certs, and one for wildcard certs. At $29/static IP, plus $29 for a single domain certs and $169 for a wildcard cert. They're reselling Comodo certificates with up to 256-bit encryption. Ouch! Okay, so I can see them charging you to go through the effort of getting a LE cert, but having to buy a static IP is something else. But to charge you $29 for a single domain cert and $29/per subdomain, or $169 for a wildcard cert? I saw no mention in their pricing for a multiple-domain cert.
It appears they want you have to go through them to get a cert and pay one way or another. It would be great if they gave their customers the opportunity to get their own certs and with stronger encryption - especially since you have a commercial website.
I see your site has no cert as of yet. Bummer!

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@JimPas This is a very interesting company. If you have an Advanced plan, you can order a LE certificate once. Well, you can connect your own, yes, but pay $ 29 for a static IP, then buy a certificate, and it must be in .pfx format Here is the article

Either convert the existing certificate, puzzle the issuing company. That is, they made the process as inconvenient as possible, so that they either increase the tariff plan or buy through them. We will change, but now I need to work with what is, alas (

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I would run away from that hosting provider very fast. IPv4 addresses are very scarce and your own IP address isn't required for SSL/TLS since the invention of SNI.

They probably just want to make as much money of their customers as possible, even if it isn't actually necessary what they're selling.


@Osiris It’s true, you’re right. Not sure how to get help from Let's Encrypt staff? If they can't help me on the provider side, can the issue be resolved somehow from the LE side?

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There is nothing for Let's Encrypt staff to do; the problem is 100% at your host's end--hence my description of their support team as blithering idiots, based on their suggestion that Let's Encrypt needed to fix it.


@danb35 Apparently I will have to turn on the "asshole mode" in communication. Although I really didn't want to. Thank!


They probably need to brush up on their understanding of the ACME protocol and/or their used ACME client.

A duplicate order error is not at all a fatal error, nor something LE can do anything about.


@Osiris Passed, thanks!


@JuergenAuer @danb35 @JimPas @Osiris Thank you all for your attention and support. The hoster has fixed the problem, SSL is working. :tada: :tada: :tada:


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