How to add new mail address in letsencrypt conf

Hi guys,

I’m using lets encrypt SSL certificates for all my domains. I used only one email when i generated those certificates. But now i’m not able to access that mail address so i’m not receiving any email alerts and my certificates are getting expired. Is There any way to include a new mail address in the Lets encrypt conf.

I believe you use “certbot register --update-registration” to change your e-mail address.

i’m using cerbot-auto and i’m getting the following error:
An unexpected error occurred:
The server experienced an internal error :: Unable to update registration
Please see the logfiles in /var/log/letsencrypt for more details.

I’m seeing something similar, I’ve reported this here: Updating registration fails with HTTP 500, ISE

Hi @nijo,

Try this:

certbot register --update-registration --email blabla@blablabla.tld

Where blabla@blablabla.tld is a valid email address different from your previous one. If you unregistered your email address, you can’t use again the same email address, well, you can, but even if the process ends correctly, you won’t receive mail alerts, so, add a new and different one.

If this process doesn’t work, maybe @jsha or @cpu could take a look to know what is happening.


no i’m still having error

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