How Do I Publish A Leadpage to a Custom HTTPS URL


I hope you can help?

I am using Leadpages to create a landing page that i want to publish to a custom https url (my own WP site). How do i do that in Let’s Encrypt? - I am novice so simple explanations and diagrams would be much appreciated?

Leadpages show how to do this for http url’s (, but send users here with https url’s.

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Hi @cliveagate,

I didn’t understand the hosting arrangements that you’re talking about—do you have an existing WordPress site that you want to add HTTPS to? How is that site hosted (or how is that site going to be hosted)?

Hello @schoen,

My apologies for not making the issue clear.

I want to replace the in the following link ( with my website URL - so the end result will look something like (

1: I have created a squeeze page in Leadpages that generated the above URL
2: Leadpages allow you to Customise that URL by replacing with your own web URL, but only for http sites.
3: For https sites like mine they provide a link to Let’s Encrypt, which is why I am here.
4: I believe there is a description of how to do what I want on the Let’s Encrypt Home page, but I do not understand it. And that is the reason I generated post.

Does that help?

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Yes, thanks! So, it will still be hosted by Leadpages when you’re done? You don’t have some other hosting provider that is hosting

In this case, do they have somewhere in a control panel where you can upload a certificate for your custom domain? Is their link to Let’s Encrypt something like “Go to Let’s Encrypt, get a certificate, and then upload the certificate here once you have it”?

According to the linked documentation, LeadPages automatically supports SSL for domains CNAMEd to them. (In all likelihood they use Let’s Encrypt for this, but they don’t seem to say so explicitly.)

So @cliveagate if you follow(ed) the instructions at and set up a subdomain specifically for LeadPages, or you set up your main domain to only be hosted by LeadPages, you’ll get HTTPS automatically without doing anything.

They also support hosting pages on your main domain when it is hosted elsewhere. So if you use(d) one of the top two methods listed at (uploading HTML manually or the Word press connector) and not the above link (which is also listed as a third option on this page), then your main domain must have SSL and LeadPages isn’t involved with that since they don’t host your main domain.

My website ( is hosted by a Siteground (

And you already appear have a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, presumably obtained by the nifty Let’s Encrypt button from their control panel.

So you don’t need to do anything to have HTTPS working using any of the three methods LeadPages supports, it will just work! :grinning:

Thank you @Patches, much appreciated. I will look into that and let you know how I get on :smile:

Cool, thank you :smile:

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