How do i add my SSL Cert to a Freenom domain?

I’m completely new to ssl and cant find out how to do it anywhere. I installed it on my ubuntu server using certbot. Any help is greatly appreciated!

It looks like Freenom uses non-standard TLDs. If this is the case, Let’s Encrypt won’t be able to issue any certificate for your domain.

If you’re using a domain that can resolve on the public Internet, then you can get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. There are many different ways depending on how your website or other service is set up, so please provide some details on that side and someone should be able to guide you.

They’re real TLDs. Freenom is the parent company that runs .tk and other “free domains from obscure ccTLDs” operations.

Well, in that case, I don't see any problems with getting a certificate. You'd just need to get a compatible client and validate your ownership using one of the supported methods.

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