How to add SSL certificate if I not have server (only domain name settings)?

I registered my domain in
But, I can't connect to a server where I have a domain, I can only change settings of a domain (server name, CNAME's, redirecting, etc).
So, how to add an SSL certificate if I do not have permission to a server where run my domain?
My domain name:

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Hi @always_prog

if you don't have a website, why do you want to have a Letsencrypt certificate?

If you have a website without root access, your hoster must support own certificates.

Why is there an answer?

Read required basics:

In I set CNAME and target URL, it's work for me.
But I want to set SSL certificate, and not have permission to ssh connection.

You use Cloudfront. Are you the owner of Cloudfront? I don't think.

Where is your webspace? If you don't have ssh rights, you may not be able to install a certificate.

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