Thanks to All: Local Computer Does not Recognise Lets Encrypt SSL Cert

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Hi all,
I can now access the most up to date version of my site but still shows as unsecure but that is still a very good outcome for me. I was unable to reply as I have reached the 21 reply limit, so started another topic So will be back in 21 hours....

Thanks to all of you for all the help.
My domain is:


Please post a screenshot of that.


She can't post because of the 21 post limit for new users (thank God I don't have that anymore)


Then she can just create another user: dnom2
They cost nothing.
FREE like LE certs!

I had to go through 304 users to get to where I am - ROFLMAO


Dang. Seriously? (The poor server)

Not really. I hate PHP with all my guts


I just tried her site through http w/o www, http w/www, https w/o www. and every one redirects to https://www.her domain just fine. Why did she say it was unsecure? Her page is up and running fine. It looks good from my house. :sunglasses:

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Hi @dnom

as @JimPas wrote: There is no external critical error visible - see the Connections - part -

The certificate has both domain names, both domains (non-www and www) use the certificate, one correct redirect.

Some minor errors in the #Html-Content part you should fix. But no critical mixed content, no resource with a wrong certificate.


  • it's a browser cache problem
  • you use the wrong domain name or the ip address
  • it's only a problem with one local connection (LAN works, WiFi not)
  • old hosts entry
  • wrong router port forwarding, so one connection has the wrong host
  • other problem ...

Nothing we can find a solution from outside. May be a screenshot shows relevant informations.


It was a hosts file entry.


The topic we're in was created due to Discourse limitations on new users.

Here's the original:



I want to thank all of you who have helped. The site is now secured. There was a hidden image on the template which was not https. I have now delted thia and that is why on my computer the site was still showing problems.

Kind regards,



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