Host a speedtest server on Ookla

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My domain is:
I have a problem with ookla server tester ( Connection over HTTPS failed). I had installed SSL cert for my domain name but it’s unable on ookla server ( port 8080). please help me

There isn’t a Let’s Encrypt certificate installed on port 8080 (neither on port 443 by the way), but an OoklaServer self signed certificate.

I don’t have any experience with Ookla servers, but you’ll probably need to install the Let’s Encrypt certificate correctly. You say you’ve installed “SSL cert for [your] domain name”, but what does that mean? What did you do actually? Step by step?

i had installed SSL cert but It’s unable on Ookla server (port 8080)

Please see

for information on configuring your certificate in Ookla Server. It looks like you probably have to edit the configuration to refer to the files in /etc/letsencrypt/live.

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thank you. i have a question : where is ookla.properies file ?

No offence, but this is the Let’s Encrypt Community, not an “Ookla support forum” :wink:

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