Help me I have reached certs creation rate :(

Hey I have been trying to renew my certs today but didn’t work.
It seems that my letsencrypt version was not working since I did a release upgrade on my ubuntu server.
So I tried to uninstall using the certbot site tutorial but had some trouble.
So I deleted the certs archive and renewal content and then I have this message : Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains.
Is it possible to ask for only one new possibility of cert creation or rate reset ?
My domain is
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No, it's not possible, you must wait ~7 days.

You can work around this specific limit by adding a second name to the certificate (e.g. -d

Better yet, use --staging or --dry-run with Certbot for testing purposes to avoid rate limit problems.

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Alternatively, this error indicates you have already issued five identical certificates in the past week. If you still have the private key for any of those at all, you can use one you’ve already issued.

It worked ! thanks a lot !!!

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