Has anyone been able to use Let's Encrypt with Site5?

I've seen some old posts about people trying to get answers on how to use Let's Encrypt with their Site5 web hosting, but I haven't been able to find any example of anyone successfully doing so. I don't even run an ecommerce site, but some browsers are starting to give errors or refuse to show websites that don't support https.

I had asked Site5 about using Let's Encrypt, and got the following response:

Unfortunately, we do not provide the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate from our end. However, if you provide us with the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate by contacting them, we can help you with installing it from our end.

Additionally, we offer two types of SSL certificates:
1) Positive SSL Certificate – $39.95/year per domain. (Applicable for the domain and doesn't apply for its subdomains).
2) Positive Wildcard SSL Certificate – $149/year per domain. (Applicable for both the domain and its subdomains).

Is this even possible with Let's Encrypt--i.e. to generate a certificate for the host to install?

I don't really want to deal with moving my site to another provider, but this is ridiculous that they want to charge an extra $150/year for something that has become more of a requirement for all sites and should be included.

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If you can put a file in the directory /.well-known/acme-challenge/ under your websites root, then yes, it's possible.

Alternatively, if you can add a TXT resource record to the _acme-challenge label in your DNS zone, then yes, you can also get a LE certificate.

Note that LE certs are valid for just 90 days and that automation is encouraged.


"We can help you by installing it (for you)" ?

A subtle difference...
But, if they are required to help/do the work, then they may want to charge for their time (each time).
If they can help you, by teaching you how you can do it yourself, then that can be a much better deal.


You might consider using CertSage:


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