Site5, CSR upload

I'm hosted with site5. They say that they have helped their customers install LetsEncrypt certificates, and so far I have got to the point where they have created a CSR for one of my domains.

They say that "You can refer the following link to more about the CSR upload at Let's Encrypt :"

I've looked at that page but cannot see anything there that would seem helpful. I wonder if anyone here can help me nudge this on a bit more. I'm more-or-less determined to test site5's assertion that they're able and willing to help a customer use LetsEncrypt.

Hi @peetm

that's not how Letsencrypt works.

Please read

You have to use a client:

Some clients accept a CSR, but uploading a certificate manual isn't the idea using Letsencrypt.

So that

sounds wrong. If they would do it, they would run an own client without manual intervention of the customers.

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