Google Safe Browser is ranking our sites as malicious

Hi everyone, good morning.

We used to have DigiCert’s certificates on our internal websites and recently we moved to Let’s Encrypt.

For some reason Google Chrome and Firefox as well, started to warning us about our internal websites that they are malicious:

I’m not allowed to share the URL since it’s related to our internal project. We’ve requested on Google Safe Browser that those domains are not malicious, but we don’t have a status about it and how long it will take to Google remove it from their blacklist.

Does anyone had a similar issue?

Thank you,

EDIT: I mean “internal websites” as customer’s project, but the domain is definitely public.

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Hi @thiagosanches

simple answer: Ask Google. It’s not a certificate problem.

I don’t understand why an internal url has that error. Google can’t check that internal url.

So it may be a problem of your main domain.

Check “Details” and fix it.

PS: Perhaps, the domain is public, not internal -> then Google is able to check the content.

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Hi @JuergenAuer,

I mean “internal” as customer’s project, but the domain is definitely public, Google can access it.

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