Partial safe on Win10 Google Chrome

I’ve installed the Let’s Encrypt certificate and it works fine on Win10 Edge and Firefox but not on Google Chrome.
When I am going to my site it tells me that my site is safe with a green lock so that is just fine but from the moment I am going to another page on my server it gives me an exclamation and says “not completly safe”.
I’ve adjusted all my hyperlinks to https:// even all my images and my CSS files but no solution.
I’ve read that Google Chrome should be compatible with the certificate so I don’t know where to search.

Can someone point me in the right direction please ?

Can you provide your domain name please, so we can have a look and provide you with suggestions to help.

index page works well, all the other links not.

hi guys, I’ve found it myself :slight_smile:

The problem was my .htaccess file in the root.
I’ve added some more pages to my .htaccess file
DirectoryIndex index.html contact.html … and some more
Options -Indexes

That makes it work on Google Chrome.

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