Google cloud and cPanel - Using Licensed Product LetsEncrypt for Cpanel

installed google cloud server and uploaded cpanel on it.

Let ssl give me a license error when i want to install


How can I fix ?

hi @sisore

Try reading the error message as I think it’s pretty clear.

The software you are using is licensed.

You can talk to the vendor who makes the software to sort your issue :smiley:


You can also use AutoSSL with cPanel. AutoSSL is free:

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Also try on GitHub.
The -w is the writable directory exposed to the web, not w the domain added.
Thus the command is:
./ --issue -d -w /home/myUsername/public_html -d --staging

Check w your hosting where you could see a text file, e.g.
Also open source.
Sets up renewals too.

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