Free domain registration?

Hi every one, Some one knows if i can to register a free domain?
at the moment to install cerbot, it asks me a domain name, for the moment i don’t have it, just for that i would like to prove with a free domain

You can try a .tk domain, and there might be others. Additionally there are quite some free subdomain registration services. Google is your friend, the term “free subdomain” returns quite some results, e.g.


Here’s a list of cheap domain registers. I’d avoid 1and1 and GoDaddy due to bad service though.

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Just make sure you’re not using any of these free services for any business critical purpose.

There have been many instances of free services like these shutting down without notice or changing their products to require payment.

Remember, you get what you pay for.


Hi Rafael,

I agree with both ecdsa-chacha20 and kohenkatz. I have my own .tk domain and it’s been fine for years now. They’ve been around a while and I doubt will disappear in a hurry, but I wouldn’t run business that way.

A lot of free domain registrars develop a bad reputation for spam and malware, since they get used a lot by bad players by virtue of being free. This means your site will be more likely to be flagged as malware if you use a tk domain, and if you choose to run a mail server (like I do) you’re more likely to be falsely flagged as spam. That last one is a real thorn in my side.

It doesn’t matter what free service you use, they all suffer the same problem. Purveyors of malware ruin it for the rest of us. I’d recommend a .tk domain since they’ve been great so far, just be aware that any free service will have similar drawbacks (you’ll be falsely flagged as malware/spam, and sometimes you’ll be blocked outright). You really do get what you paid for, and I say that as a happy .tk user.


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