Do You Support Free Domains


Do you Support Free Domains Like .TK .Ml .Ga .Gq . Cf



All domains used in postings for SEO purposes will be blacklisted. At least I wish for that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside: Let’s Encrypt works fully transparent, the TLD (or its pricing) doesn’t play any role. So you can also request certificates for new TLDs ( and for subdomains (


@trevor: Yep, we plan to support all valid TLDs, subject to any rate-limiting we may need to do.

Internationalized Domain Names

No you can’t do that, because this domain belongs to Goog… ehm Alphabet. (And it already has a cert BTW)

:grey_exclamation: That’s why in example one of the example-domains should be used when giving examples.


If you own the domain, then you can - regardless of its TLD. That was the question.
See RFC6761 for example domains. Maybe I should have used “abc.example” as example for newTLDs, to not confuse some people…


Come on… I was kidding you. :smile:
The thing was that is already taken, so you (and the thread starter) won’t own it.

Yes exactly, that’s what I was saying. But I won’t sue you… :wink:


Are you sure that we can issue certificates for free domains too? For example, I own (taken from Freenom) and would like to get a free, valid certificate for that. Please a moderator/manager of LE CA confirm that.


@jason: Please see my earlier reply at Do You Support Free Domains.


Will We be able to When you first release