Following an order sometimes let's encrypts do not leave the data passed

hello i use let's encrypt for security but sometimes i have commands which presumably use a protocol not included which leaves me with empty addresses without user e-mail etc. Do you have a solution. without any data we can do nothing that forces us not to put the payment online

This doesn't sound like a certificate problem.
It would likely do the same thing with any cert used.
You need to check your coding.
Perhaps there are some pages with mixed content (http & https).


I think it's was because it uses unprocessed protocol can we do a test? how to do ? can you make a dummy order?

There is a complete separate staging system for testing.
If you use certbot ACME client, then add --staging to the cert request.

you want me to make a new certificate?

What did you mean by this?:

I think I understand you now.
Cert requests are also called orders - LOL

I would, but the site requires login [which requires a signup]

no it requires no connection but I have just checked the info it's good from certbot because I left the default configuration super secure which means that my site only interprets the 1.2 and 1.3 protocol SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

I was able to reach the site securely.
I can't place an order because I would have to login.
I can't login without registering.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to register with any site in order to help anyone with a cert problem.

how it is not necessary to register you go to store you clicked on a product

I clicked the products but it won't put anything into any cart.
Nor does it ask me how many do I want?


good according to you there is a conflict between the http and the https however when I order with another computer it works

There must be a language/translation problem.
You are saying that I said things I don't recall saying.

good i will see but i think it's from certbot

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