Failed to issue certificate

My site is zenlife .bg

My current host is expiring today and I’ve not yet set it up successfully with my new one.

After I logged in CloudFlare to change the A record IP address for zenlife .bg with the new IP my site started redirecting to another website.

I tried to run a new SSL certificate but got the following error.

Would greatly appreciate your help guys!


if points to a server other than the cPanel server you're issuing the certificate from (as it appears to be), you'll want to uncheck it when issuing the certificate.

I'm not too clear what you mean by this.

If changing the IP in Cloudflare to your new server causes the wrong website to load, you won't be able to issue an SSL certificate in cPanel. There's not really any way to work around that. The site needs to work first.

You may find that the solution may be to temporarily suspend Cloudflare and point your domain to the new server, then issue the certificate, and then revert whatever changes you need.


You mean to suspend CloudFlare, change the DNS with the new hosting provider and to then try to issue the certificate?

You can keep your nameservers with Cloudflare the whole time.

What I mean is to disable the CDN/proxy portion, by turning off the “orange cloud” in the DNS editor for the root and “www.” domains.

And then to set the IP addresses to your new cPanel server.

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