Issue with expired certificate

My domain is:

My SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt expired so I decided to move the site to Cloudflare by changing the nameservers so I won’t have to renew the SSLs manually and have downtime as I did now.

My hosting provider is Godaddy. I have migrated now the servers to Cloudflare and I am using CPANEL and deleted the LetsEncrypt certificate from the SSL list.

Still, I get the error that my SSL is expired about the previous certificate when I log in the site though. Is there another step I should do to make the previous certificate invalid?

Thank you!

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This is not what the world sees.
Perhaps you are not connecting to the cloudflare cdn IPs.
Do you have a hardcoded hosts file entry?
Do you use an internal/private DNS that returns the (real) backend IP?

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