Failed authorization procedure - The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain

delete pls, i discovered my IPS block port 80 and there no way to configure lets encrypt on other port on nginx.


Sorry to here that,

However you still can use DNS challenges to obtain a certificate.

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Hi, how i do that? I use ddns service like no-ip and local server, is it possible?

Hi @kauanmocelin,

As far as I know, no-ip doesn’t allow to add TXT records (at least on the free account). You could use another DDNS provider like (it allows adding TXT records on free accounts), then you could use client (it supports updating dynu records via API) to issue the cert.

1.- Create a free account on

2.- Create a Dynamic DNS Service on Here you add your subdomain and choose the base domain (there are a few to choose, in this example I will use mydyndomain as subdomain and as base domain)

3.- Once the domain is created, go to Control Panel -> API Credentials and click on button Reset Credentials, now take note of Client ID and Secret (we will use them later).

4.- Here you could install their dynamic client so it will update your dynamic address or use wget, etc. more info here

5.- Install client (more info in

curl | sh

6.- Once installed, issue the cert for your domain. Here we will export 2 variables containing the previously created Client ID and Secret (obvously you need to replace the content of these variables with the real data):

export Dynu_ClientId="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
export Dynu_Secret="yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" --issue --dns dns_dynu -d

And if all work as expected, you get your certificate.

Hope this helps.


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