Failed authorization procedure. Help with A2 Hosting?


A2 Hosting still does not support Lets Encrypt directly and I need to renew my cert. I got my certs to work originally, however when trying to run the command now it returns “Failed authorization procedure.”

It appears to be returning incorrect domains

Would having a dedicated IP address fully fix this issue? Or is there a way around this?

See my issue here:


You appear to be using the CloudFlare CDN for the www host, which is not compatible with the TLS-SNI-01 verification method that you’re using.

Would you consider trying webroot verification instead?


Can you provide a guide on how to about that method of verification please?

I’ll be happy to attempt whatever method that will work.


@Hexxium, take a look at the documentation at (you can try telling it that you’re using a different webserver so that you see the webroot instructions).

It is also described in


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