Expiry date in email does not match the browser

My domain is:

I am using kubernetes cert manager which I believe should auto renew the certificate.

I am getting emails saying my certificate will expire in a few days but when I look at the details of the certificate through the web browser it looks like it should expire June 6. Also when I visit crt.sh | www.foundationlaboratory.com it looks like it was renewed March 8? Are these emails correct or are the certificates renewed?


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I received an email on March 17 saying the certificate would expire in 19 days (06 April) and then another email on March 27 saying it would expire in 10 days (06 April). It looks to me like the certificate renewed for this domain on March 8 which I believe matches the June 6 expiration. Is there a way to tell if the emails are correct or the browser expiration and crt.sh | foundationlaboratory.com corrent?


The date on the actual certificate (in both the browser and crt.sh) is correct. It's possible that you are receiving the emails for an old certificate that covers slightly different domain names.


This is the certificate (covering foundationlaboratory.com) to which the email refers:


This certificate (covering foundationlaboratory.com and www.foundationlaboratory.com):


was successfully renewed at 60 days:


A better perspective:


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Got it, so it looks like there is another certificate that was generated that is no longer being used and it is about to expire. Thanks for your help.


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