Expired certificate on ubuntu 14.04 - how to renew?


I setup letsencrypt some months ago and it’s been working great! This week I see that my certificate has expired… I was wondering if someone can direct me to the documentation that explains how to renew the certificate?





Thank you for the reply. I’m having a problem executing letsencrypt renew on a linux system.

When I enter “letsencrypt renew” the command is not found… if I type “letsencrypt” it results in changing my command line from

root@owncloudserver ~ # letsencrypt
root@owncloudserver ~/letsencrypt (git)-[master] #

Trying to enter “letsencrypt renew” on this line results in

root@owncloudserver ~/letsencrypt (git)-[master] # ./letsencrypt renew
zsh: permission denied: ./letsencrypt

Any ideas?



Make sure you cd into the folder where you installed your letsencrypt Python scripts.

Next, try ./letsencrypt-auto renew

This should attempt to renew all certs that expire within 30 days. The auto will also update letsencrypt and associated dependencies.