Error in SSL Certificate

Hello, I am using an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for my hosting. On the desktop version it is working fine but on a mobile interface, it is coming as Invalid SSL from Cloudflare, kindly resolve this issue as it is a valid SSL certificate or not???

Perhaps telling us what your domain name is would be a helpful first step to kick this off.

My domain name is

Well, you are using Cloudflare Universal SSL for your internet-facing certificate, as you already stated.

Your Let’s Encrypt certificate (presumably on your origin server) would not be able to affect mobile and desktop devices differently, since that certificate is never sent to visitors.

Could you take a screenshot of the full error details you get on your mobile device?

Ok, so you mean to say that I should deactivate the SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare, to activate the Lets Encrypt certificate on my cloudflare hosting?

If you want to use your Let’s Encrypt certificate for visitors, then you need to disable Cloudflare proxy entirely, not just the SSL features.

You shouldn’t need to make any such drastic changes to avoid problems - if you can show the error message that would be helpful.

Actually the error message is not showing now on my mobile, instead of it is showing something else like

When i disabled the Universal SSL on cloudflare dashboard, then the website was opening but as soon as i clicked any link on it, then the error message of my site on desktop was coming LIKE,

This Site Can’t Provide a Secure Connection _ Fixed _ ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.connection mismatch…

As soon as i enabled that setting again site was running fine with working links again…

Also when i am opening the certificate details on the browser next to lock symbol, the certificate is showing from Comodo which i installed a year ago on cloudflare, but in reality my godaddy hosting server has Letsencrypt certificate on it …!

If I will change the nameservers again to godaddy nameservers then will the LetsEncrypt certificate will activate or not…???

That appears to be the default landing page for GoDaddy websites.

My previous post explicitly stated that this wouldn’t work.

Yes, you could do this if you plan to abandon Cloudflare entirely.

Otherwise you have only two choices:

  • Disable Cloudflare proxy and use Let’s Encrypt certificate, or
  • Keep Cloudflare proxy enabled and use Cloudflare certificate

To disable Cloudflare proxy, you need to sure that your Cloudflare DNS records are set to “DNS Only”:


and then wait for DNS to update.

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