Download file from Chome not safe

We install cerbot to odoo is complete and My Domain is Secure ready. But can't backup file to safe Google Chome warring " is not commonly downloaded" How can I Fix this problem?

Please Help

Hi @boon99, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Please show the error message and also include the domain name.

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Thank you for reply.
We senf picture for Error and my ufw allow

The error message is based on the file type (".zip") and is not related to the certificate used to encrypt the site nor that file download.

But why? My other domains don't have this problem?
it can download to safe

It is impossible for me to know WHY, when you don't show any domain names.

I can't duplicate the error.
I can't explain why you get the error.
I can't find anything wrong with the cert nor the site.

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many thank for try help me

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...and frankly, assuming it is based on the .zip extension, it's a completely silly warning--since when is a .zip file "not commonly downloaded"? I suspect that, rather than Chrome itself, the warning comes from an over-zealous security extension. But in any event, it has nothing at all to do with Let's Encrypt.


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