Donation form: Issues with name fields

I didn’t find a way to contact website support. Could someone please forward this to the right people or tag them here?

I checked out the donation page, but the name fields in the form are restrictive. The issues I see are as follows:

  1. The first name and last name fields are both mandatory.
  2. The first name and last name fields both have a JavaScript validation that requires the user to enter at least two characters in these fields.

While it’s fine to ask for a first name (or name), imposing a last name as mandatory and imposing a two character minimum are illogical. The world we live in is diverse, and different cultures have different ways to name people. There are many places and cultures where these two rules don’t hold good.

I would like to see the form have last name as optional, and if a user enters something in that field, don’t validate for a minimum length.

Please see “Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names” (originally written by Patrick McKenzie), with some examples, here:



I agree with you. Unfortunately only Donorbox can fix it.

Maybe someone from @lestaff can contact them?

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I just got an update from Donorbox saying they will discuss about removing the 2 character limitation.


I recall

as well as the Burmese politicians

(although apparently U here is an honorific rather than a name)

Martin Gardner gives U Nu as an example of a palindromic name in one of his columns, although it appears that it’s not palindromic in Burmese!

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The nomination of “Cédric O” in the French governmentédric_O made me remember this thread.

Apparently the name still require 2 char.

As donorbox is aware of the problem since a long time, I do hope they are fixing it. A reasoning such as “But it’s not common, only Asian use that” is not really acceptable…

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Thanks for reaching out to us about this! We’ve received your support ticket regarding this and our team is looking at how to take action on this. We appreciate you letting us know about this.

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Thanks for re-pinging them on this, @tdelmas! Watching this thread to see what they say back again. :slight_smile:

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Update from Donorbox:

I’m following up with you to let you know that our development team is working on allowing for single character surnames. When this fix goes live, we will let you know. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.


Update from Donorbox:

We have now deployed an update to allow single character last names.