Organization (O) and Organizational Unit (OU) in field "Issued to"?


Hi guys!

Is it possible to specify an Organization (O) and Organizational Unit (OU) in field “Issued to” within the certificate?

I don’t mean the part of “Issued by”!

Right now, my certifcates just includes the domain-name, but i want to provide some more informations to customers, like which organization this website is belong to.

Which options are possible?

Using gentoo-amd64, apache-2.4.16 and chromium-46.0.2490.86.

Kind regards from Germany


O and OU are only used for organization validation certificates. Let’s Encrypt only offers domain validation and can’t make any assertion as to the person or company that owns/manages the domain.

If you really need an OV cert, you can look at some of the existing vendors that sell such certificates. I’m not sure about the linking rules, so message me if you are interested in a recommendation on a low-cost vendor.


Okay, thanks for these informations!

No, i don’t really need an OV-cert. :blush:


Sad news…

but ok,
I understand that Organisation, or address (city, country) are impossible to validate automatically …

Thanks for all the job made for these certificates


Didier Misson