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I love the work you guys do and would like to donate, but am having problems, I think because I’m in the UK.

If I put my bank card details in, it complains about my zip code.

If I try a bank transfer, my bank isn’t listed.

I don’t have paypal, so how can I donate?


Hi @linucks

then @lestaff should know an answer - pinging.


It seems clear that the only currently-supported ways for the general public to donate are via this DonorBox form (which only accepts U.S. postal codes), via PayPal, or via Bitcoin. However, it would be great if ISRG could get DonorBox to accept credit card donations from other countries, as well as publishing bank transfer details for international donations. Maybe some of our colleagues from ISRG can look into how difficult this would be.

I believe you can also use PayPal for a one-time credit card payment, although they will try to upsell you to using their services on an ongoing basis and might not allow you to use the same card or e-mail address for future payments without setting up an account.

@linucks, thanks for your interest in donating and for not giving up when the donation form didn’t work for you!


Thanks so much for supporting Let’s Encrypt, @linucks!

I am fairly certain that DonorBox is set up to be able to accept payments from countries like the UK as the payment processor is able to do this. I’m checking in with their support team and will let you know what I find out. PayPal as well does have a one-time credit card payment option.

Thanks so much for bringing this up and for the donation!



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Hi linucks!

We can accept donations from the UK, I will DM you with more information about your specific donation request so hopefully we can figure it out.

Thanks again for your patience as we sort this out and for supporting Let’s Encrypt!



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