Domains Have Hit Limits - What Are The Options?


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My domain is:

My domain 4 repeat application 4 to 5 times for testing, now that I’ve tested and want to reapply for the certificate, but I have been unable to apply for, prompted me to name too many certificate requests. Hope that technicians can help me with this problem!


Hi @2466327134

Please review the rate limits documentation

Testing should be done using the staging servers to avoid hitting the rate limits

The document will also outline the solution for you



What should I do before I apply for certificate revocation?


The easiest way is to wait one week.

In this case, requesting a certificate for a different set of domains should also work – so for example, you could request one certificate for each domain.


Revocation won’t change anything with regards to the rate limits you’ve hit.


ok,thank your replay


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