Domain name has changed on a NAS Synology

I’ve deleted the previous certificate and I will create another one for the new domain. How can I submit the information to Let’s Encrypt so that they consider that I only use one certificate ?


Hi @Lionel

that’s something you have to do in your NAS. There is your Letsencrypt client.

Perhaps share a screenshot where you are able to set a domain name.

I don’t know exactly what’s a Letsencrypt client. I have reimported the Let’s Encrypt Certificate from a local folder and I’ve made a screenshot.

Perhaps can I ask a new certificate to replace the previous one so that Let’s Encrypt considers that I just use one certificate.


Then start with some basics:

How did you create that certificate? Do that again with your new domain name.

But normally Synology has an own Letsencrypt client. So your way looks curious, too complicated.

Hi Juergen,

I’ve exported the Let’s Encrypt certificate before deleting it because it points to a domain of type I’ve reimported it just to make the screenshot.

Now I have a domain of type I can of course create a new certificate that will replace the previous one, but, if possible, I’d like that the counter of Let’s Encrypt stay to one.


??? What’s that?

If you need a new certificate, create it.

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