NAS cert auto-renews; router cert doesn't

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My domain is:

For sometime, I’ve had a letsencrypt cert installed on my Synology NAS and it’s working fine. I thought that I’d followed the correct steps to copy the same cert on to my new Synology router, as it worked for a few weeks. However, it’s now expired, but the version on my NAS continues to automatically update.

I’m pretty junior at this whole encryption certificate thing, and would appreciate any input and help that you can provide in getting the cert on my router working and auto-renewing.


Hi @TallTrees

if you have done that manual, you have to do that manual again and again.

But (I don’t use Synology): Synology has a lot of integrated Letsencrypt support.

Isn’t it possible that your router creates an own certificate.

There is a rate limit. But two identical certificates in one week isn’t a problem (more then 5 would be a problem).

Hi @JuergenAuer,

Pardon my ignorance, but will LetsEncrypt issue multiple certs for the same domain? I believe that I initially tried to obtain another certificate, but something prevented it.


Yes. Though you should always be able to validate the names, and there are rate limits.

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