Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list

Hello @himitsu,

UD Media added to the list.


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Hi all,

Three things I'd like to discuss:

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It looks to me like the last time this thread was discussed in a meta-way was back in September 2020 when @jvanasco proposed that this thread be archived or removed because its existence mostly consisted of requests to be added to the wiki/list. It also looks like the only person who is actively looking at this thread and adding people to the wiki is @sahsanu; bless you for taking on this burden! (If that's not the case, I'm sorry for misreading.)

From a new community member's perspective, I can think of a few situations for why someone would want to know where this list is.

  • I do not yet have a webhost and I am looking for one where I would be able to get a free LE cert as part of the webhosting plan without having to install an additional client.
  • I do not yet have a webhost and I am looking for one where I would be able to get a free LE cert if I did a little bit of extra work in installing a client.
  • I have a webhost and used to pay a lot of money for the type of cert that LE issues and I want to switch to one where either with no effort from me or a little effort on my part I want to use a free LE cert from now on.
  • I'm a web hosting provider who is either now fully integrated into providing free LE certs or I just added it to my list of services and I want to be included in this list.
  • I know of a web hosting provider who provides LE certs (see rest of thought above).
  • Other use cases which I'm not currently aware of; please help educate me on them

Based on the examples I can currently think of, I think that it would be useful to link this thread to those areas of the current documentation which talk about these kinds of situations. For example, if there were an item in the Glossary describing what a web hosting provider is, then there could be a line that says "For a list of hosting providers which currently support Let's Encrypt certificate installation, please click here" or however the LE staff would phrase it.

Any thoughts?