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Sounds more like an "allow" than actual "support".



Hosterion - https://hosterion.com - supports Letsencrypt since many years ago. We even wrote our our cPanel plugin to activate and renew LES SSL, before one was available from cPanel.


All web hosting costs benefit from free SSL certificates for all domains hosted. You create your own SSL certificates Let's Encrypt from cPanel, and later on they are renewed automatically, without your intervention.
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Hello @caprider,

I've added Hosterion to the list.




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DonWeb.com accepts the installation of external SSL certificates such as Let's Encrypt.

Tutorial HERE

Thank you in advance!


Interhost Networks Israeli web, cloud hosting provider, supports Letsencrypt via Directadmin/cPanel/nginx/apache and F5 WAF/LTM with automation.

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https://www.jump.bg/ - The leading Bulgarian hosting provider supports Let's Encrypt certificates by default on all its hosting plans. Announcement:
More info:
SSL сертификати за 100% сигурност на данните | Jump.bg

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KnownHost, https://www.knownhost.com supports Let's Encrypt on all platforms and has fully supported it on shared hosting for a while as well as the default choice.

More Info: Shared & Reseller Hosting - KnownHost

at https://supporthost.com we offer full support to Let's Encrypt, would love to be added to the list here: Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt certificate is automatically generated once the domain points to our servers, of course we cannot enforce the redirect, that is the client's responsibility since they create their own websites and configure as they please.

If you're controlling the certificates installation, why not the redirect too? Seems to me you have access to the webserver, at least on shared hosting. For services like VPS I assume you don't get certificates too, so I assume we're talking about shared hosting here to begin with?

Usually the redirect is done at the webserver level using the HTTP Location header, not necessarily the "website" level.


I probably used bad wording.

We do not like enforcing anything to the clients.

So while we create the Let's Encrypt certificate automatically, the client is free to decide not to use it, or to use a paid certificate according to his/her needs.

We could enforce https? Sure. Not only on shared, but also on managed VPS (with our managed VPS we don't give root access, so for the client the level of support and service is the same as a shared hosting). But I personally love freedom, and try to enforce the minimum possible on our clients


Can you please add BlueTone Media, https://www.bluetonemedia.com/ , to the list? We always stress to the importance of SSL's to our hosting clients. Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate - BlueTone Media Blog We set up every site on our framework with Let's Encrypt.


Can you please add ResellerWiz https://www.resellerwiz.com to the list?

We include free Let's Encrypt SSL with all of our control panel options with our reseller hosting services: Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Thanks in advance!


Hello there,

At Konet, konet.gr, we have been supporting the use of Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates on all platforms and all hosting plans for at least 5 years now. Moreover, in the Windows Hosting plans we use only the Let's Encrypt certificate unless a client wants to use a purchased one. The link to our KB which refers to the subject can be found here.

PS: The KB article is in Greek but says what i described above.

Recently got a web hosting for customer with https://www.webhostinguk.com they do offer free Letencrypt on all there web hosting plans ..they have listed letsencrypt as a feature offered on : https://www.webhostinguk.com/web-hosting/
You can as Web hosting UK to list of providers.

Hey all!

I like to ask if it is possible to add my website also to the list. We offer Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates from the beginning.

The site is https://www.host-age.ro and a tutorial about the free SSL is here https://www.host-age.ro/intrebari-frecvente/certificate-ssl/generare-certificat-ssl/

Thank you!


Can you please add Yourhosting to the list? We use Plesk Linux. Here is the FAQ about how to install: Yourhosting - Veelgestelde vragen over Gratis SSL bij Yourhosting.


WiexonHost Provides Pure NVMe SSD Web Hosting. Also, Provide Lifetime free SSL certificates for All domains.

Do we want to keep that list alive? unlike 2015 nowadays about random Cpanel host will support https and that list is grow out of bound: visiting random ones it looks like some of them are sold to different host and redirected to them or bankrupted and redirected to domain parking page (like https://www.ngagehosting.uk/) unless we really maintain the list and remove dead/sold ones it would look like rusty ad banner on wall of abandoned building