Discussion and addition requests for hosting provider list

Should we start verifying these claims? Should Let's Encrypt verify them, for a charge? :smiling_imp:


I have been maintaining the list for the last few years but due to health issues (not to worry, nothing too serious), I have been quite disconnected from the community.

Anyway, I agree with @orangepizza, this list made sense some years ago but today, in 2023, in my opinion, it doesn't make sense to keep maintaining it (it looks like a showcase for SEO). If a hosting company does not provide certificates to their customers, that company does not have much future in the business. If those certificates are free and from Let's Encrypt, perfect, if those certificates are not free and/or are not from Let's Encrypt, the customer has the responsibility to accept or not those conditions.

That said, hi everyone :wink:



Hi @schoen, @StopSpazzing, and community volunteers - Please could you add Domains.co.za (https://www.domains.co.za/) to the hosting provider list, as we are a hosting provider supporting Let's Encrypt and using it for the SSL attached to hosting plans offered. Thank you.

I've been an advocate to kill the list and this thread for several years for the reasons you disclosed. As long as the list exists, it will constantly generate requests for inclusion.

Offering LetsEncrypt certificates should be the status quo. If hosting providers want to be on a list, they should consider this one: Current Sponsors and Funders - Let's Encrypt

Getting older sucks. I hope your issues stabilize and you can enjoy some sort of better normalcy.


Yeah, the list had a reason to exist at the beginning.

Today, we need a shame list. We've seen a few providers that belong in there. :smiley:


Agreed; The don't list is much shorter than the do list.


Hi sahsanu! Long time no see. Glad you're in fairly good health. :man_shrugging: :people_hugging:


Hi everyone

If this list is still maintained I kindly ask you to add hostpoint.ch to the list. Let's Encrypt certificates are included for all websites for many years now: FreeSSL | Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Thank you in advance!

iglao.com supports Let's Encrypt.

Let's Encrypt can easily be installed on CrazyDomains hosted sites through CPanel.

CrazyDomains Dashboard > CPanel > SSL/TLS Status > Run AutoSSL

I have gone ahead and made the drastic amendment to the list, feel free reverting or changing it in any way.